Weekly Writing Challenge: In An Instagram

It wasn’t a single split second that changed my life but rather three weeks’ worth of split seconds. In 2010 I caught the travel bug after spending 21 days in the US state of California and I have been living with this ‘disease’ ever since. The only way to cure the travel bug is indeed to travel to places near and far. In my case I have become attached to the United States of America. Although the American lifestyle is not too far a stretch from life in Australia, I now have the desire to step foot in each and every one of the USA’s 50 states before I die. It will not be easy to fulfill my dream, but then again I have the travel bug and anything is possible.

On the 54,000 second-plus plane ride home from Los Angeles in 2010, I was already making plans to return to the USA and in 2011 I did return. I revisited some of my favourite Californian destinations such as Disneyland and San Francisco but I also ventured to New York City on the opposite side of the country. Now it is 2012 and in just a few weeks (432,000 seconds and forever counting down) I will touch down in New York just in time for Christmas.

My life may not appear to have changed noticeably since I contracted the travel bug two years ago, but I know so much now that I had very little or no knowledge of prior to visiting the USA. For one, I discovered a passion for travelling abroad to places different from my home country. I have learned to appreciate and embrace the culture and lifestyle in other countries. And I have learned that I can survive the direct 15 hour long-haul flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles no matter how restless and tired I become on the plane. Absolutely no amount of schooling could have possibly given me the life experiences or the memories that I acquired along my travels. Some places just have to be seen to be believed.

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