Journey to Far North Queensland Days 7 and 8: Some Sunshine and Time to Relax

We have been on holiday for one week now and finally we have been greeted by blue skies and sunshine. We begin our day with a stroll along Four Mile Beach, absorbing the sun’s rays as they reflect off the shimmering water. The palm trees lining the edge of the beach really make it feel like we are walking along a tropical beach. After a pleasant stroll we head to the Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat and enjoy yet another encounter with some of Australia’s most iconic animals. The Habitat is fairly small, taking us a little over an hour to explore all the exhibits it has to offer. Kangaroos, wallabies, crocodiles and parrots – there is something there for everyone.

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

Our first stop at the Wildlife Habitat is the crocodile exhibit. There are two crocs, a small one and a much larger male that is approximately 4.5-5 metres in length. It is sitting on land just below the viewing deck, making this the closest we have ever come to a crocodile. Following the crocodiles, we wander through the aviary, home to a number of birds found in Australia’s rainforests. Our favourite was the red eclectus parrot that was poking its head out of a hole in a tree. We saw another one of these parrots perched on a doorway near the koala exhibit, but this time the parrot spoke to us. Its favourite words were “Hello” and “Um.” There was also a cheeky white cockatoo and rainbow lorikeets that liked to climb onto people’s hands and shoulders. One lorikeet even kissed mum on the cheek.

A talkative red eclectus parrot

We return to our apartment for lunch before driving to the Marina. Inside it was very quiet: we were just about the only people wandering through the minor shopping complex consisting of many empty windows, souvenir stores and booking centres for a number of Great Barrier Reef tour companies. Outside, the scene of the boats in front of the mountains and blue sky made for a spectacular view. Once we have finished looking around the Marina we head back to our resort for a relaxing swim in the crystal clear waters of the pool under the warmth of the afternoon sun. Unfortunately the clouds creep back into view late in the afternoon before we have the chance to watch a beautiful sunset in Port Douglas.

The Port Douglas Marina

The Port Douglas Marina

Tonight we dined out at the Central Hotel, a historic pub established in 1878. We choose a table in the rear outdoor seating area near the projector display where they screen free movies on selected nights. We enjoy our delicious meal (chicken nuggets for the kids and chicken parmigiana for the parents) in the cool evening air and spend the remainder of the night relaxing in our apartment.

We have no plans for the following day so we decide to wander around the Main Street of Port Douglas before returning to the Wildlife Habitat. Today the crocodiles are resting together and one of the koalas is awake and walking along the tree branches in its enclosure, making for some adorable pictures. Unfortunately the main reason for our trip to say hello to the talking red eclectus parrot that we have nicknamed the “hello bird” was not as satisfying as we thought because the hello bird wasn’t talkative today. On the other hand the cheeky cockatoo spoke more than yesterday, saying “hello” and “hello cocky” at its own will.

A koala comes out to explore at the Wildlife Habitat

A koala comes out to explore at the Wildlife Habitat

It doesn’t seem like tomorrow is our last full day in Port Douglas before we go home to Melbourne. Holidays always seem to go too quickly, even when you do take time out to relax.

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