Back in the USA

Hello and Happy New Year fellow bloggers! I am currently posting from the city of Richmond, Virginia while on my travels in the USA. I still have a week of sightseeing remaining in St Louis and Las Vegas before I return home to Australia, but for now here is my entry for the first day of my trip.

After spending the past week counting down the days until our third overseas trip to the USA, it was finally time to load the suitcases into the car and make our way to the international terminal of Melbourne airport. I was overly excited about the trip, in fact I think I was the most excited one in my family, although I was dreading the long haul flight to LAX. As it turned out the pilot announced that the flight would take approximately 13.5 hours, shorter than the usual 15 hours it lasted on my previous 2 visits to the USA, therefore making that initially dreadful, long, boring flight all the more bearable. By the end of the flight I was surprised to find that it wasn’t as bad as i initially perceived it to be but also that I wasn’t too tired since I had actually managed to sleep on the plane. That was a feat in itself as anyone who knows me well knows that I can’t sleep on airplanes. Or maybe, just maybe, my higher than expected energy levels could be blamed on me running on adrenaline because I was feeling euphoric about being back in the USA. At last I has touched down in the country that I like to call my unofficial home away from home.

Following an hour long drive in a super shuttle to our Anaheim accommodation we took advantage of the complimentary breakfast service offered by our hotel before finally walking to Disneyland. This would be our routine for the next three days: get up, eat breakfast and spend the day at the most magical place on earth. We would be ‘hopping’ between the two parks all day every day visiting our favourite attractions over and over again, saying hello to all of our Disney friends and watching the magical Christmas parade almost every time we walked down Main Street Disneyland.

That’s all I have time for at present, however the next installment of my USA adventures, as well as some photos, should be up some time next week.


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